High Tech HS PFA Committees


The Parent-Faculty Association seeks to provide opportunities for all members of the HTHS Community to plan and work together for the benefit and improvement of all concerned – students, faculty, administration, and parents. The home and school are brought together through the efforts of the parent and teacher volunteers. Events and activities are designed to enhance communication and support student and staff efforts.

Alumni Network
Chair:   Mahesh Adulla

Alumni Support is responsible for continuing contact with alumni and their families. They publish a newsletter and organize social events.

Educational Support & Academic Enrichment
Chair:   Lenny Grinburg, Mahesh Adulla

Educational Support This committee organizes the following:

Academic Enrichment-provides curriculum support for all grades, through sponsorship of field trips, visiting speakers, and mulit-disciplinary in-school programs. (Lenny Grinburg, Mahesh Adulla - Co-Chairs)

Administers Mock SAT and ACT tests for interested students (OPEN)

Organizes the Driver’s Education courses (OPEN)

Chair:   PFA Board

Fundraising is comprised of individual committees for each event. They are the means by which the PFA is able to achieve its financial goals in support of our school community.

Every level of participation and donation is greatly appreciated.



  • Annual Fund Drive: 
    • Open 


  • Spring Fling / Social
    • Open Position


  • Engraved Brick Pavers: 
    • Kelly Nitka


  • HTHS Merchandise
    • Kelly Nitka

Senior Scholarship
Chair:   Monica Rai

Scholarship seeks funding and organizes the PFA Scholarship Awards available to all graduating HTHS Seniors. Scholarship applications available in early spring.

All interested volunteers should contact the Chairperson, Monica Rai, directly by email. Please see the directory for contact info.


Chair:   Neeraj Rai, Amy Fang, John Fleming

Membership strives for 100% participation in the PFA.  It recruits HTHS families to sign up on the PFA website to become paid members of the PFA. They publish the annual PFA Directory which includes information from the email database of current members and alumni and is an excellent resource given to all families that join the PFA and maintain a currently paid membership. Emeritus memberships are available for families of HTHS graduates.

All interested volunteers should contact the Co-Chairs directly by email. Please see the directory for contact information.

Amy Fang

John Fleming

Neeraj Rai

Chair:   Mahesh Adulla

Hospitality provides refreshments and ambiance at PFA special meetings, Guidance Nights, Mock SAT, the Teacher Welcome Back Breakfast, NHS Induction Ceremony, Information Sessions, Freshman Orientation, and other school functions. They hold the Welcome Back Pizza for students in the first week of school, and the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon in the spring. Volunteers are always appreciated; it’s a great way to meet other parents and learn about HTHS.

All interested volunteers should contact the Chairperson, Mahesh Adulla, directly by email. Please see the directory for contact info.


Chair:   Meredith Cregg-Wedmore

The Newsletter Committee is responsible for creating and editing the PFA newsletter for all PFA members. 

Parent Student-Activities
Chair:   PFA Board

Parent-Student Activities organizes the following activities:

  • International Night
    • (Open Position)
    • (Open Position)


  • Freshman Family Picnic
    • Kelly Nitka
    • (Open Position)
Family Picnic
Chair:   Kelly Nitka

An annual picnic where the current PFA families come together to meet and welcome the upcoming school year's incoming freshmen families.    This is also where the mentor families usually meet the mentee families for the first time.  Typically held the first week of June.

All interested volunteers should contact the Chairperson, Kelly Nitka, directly by email. Please see the directory for contact information.



Freshmen Mentorship
Chair:   (Open Position)

This committee organizes the program which matches the student volunteers and their families to the incoming freshmen students and their families to ease the transition into HTHS.

All interested volunteers should contact the below Co-Chairs directly by email. Please see the directory for contact information.

(Open Position) — Co-Chair

(Open Position) — Co-Chair


IT/Tech Support
Chair:   Preethi Boddu

IT/Tech Support provides computer-based support for PFA functions.  E-blasting the PFA Newsletter to all paid members and publishing it on the PFA website. The PFA Website and PFA Directory App are also maintained.

Any Committee
Chair:   All Chairs

If you are flexible and are willing to help wherever you may be needed, please check this committee and you will be contacted by any committee that is in need of extra assistance.


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Naviance/Family Connection

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